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CWC has participated in market research, development programming and product planning for projects encompassing more than 500,000 acres located throughout Florida. These assignments have ranged from a one acre downtown high-rise to a 10,000 acre master-planned community. CWC project experience encompasses a broad range of residential land-uses, including:

  • Single-Family Projects
  • Townhome and Condominium Projects
  • Rental Apartment Projects
  • Resort and Vacation Projects
  • Active Adult Communities
  • Short-Stay Rental Projects
  • Master Planned Communities with Mixed Land Uses
  • Urban Town Centers and Infill Developments

The scope of CWC services is tailored specifically to the requirements of the client and the subject property. CWC often participates within a multi-disciplinary team, working directly with planners, engineers, architects and other disciplines to achieve optimum results.

Good Decisions Are Based On Good Information

A key to successful planning and development is the availability of relevant, accurate and timely information. Recognizing the universal need for information on a routine basis by real estate professionals, CWC designed and maintains ongoing research for new residential development within the Greater Orlando area. RESIDENTIAL MARKET REPORTS for Orlando (RMR) encompasses the following:

Updated on a quarterly or semi-annual basis, this research provides comprehensive and detailed information to its many users at a fraction of the total research cost. Specific market, competitive and development questions can often be answered without the time and expense of more comprehensive market studies.

A state-of-the-art computerized database is maintained by CWC for the more than 1,300 residential projects currently active and continually monitored by the firm. The addition of eRMR provides internet access to advanced mapping technology and enhanced retrieval and manipulation of RMR data with the ease of point and click. The research and associated reports offered by CWC are recognized as the authoritative source for Central Florida residential development, and as a national standard for quality.

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